Sunday, May 28, 2006


Finally..about 2 and a half hours ago..i quit from my's time for me to get's just for a while,for about three months (along my vacation).well,hmph..i fell weird's like i lost my second home i used to have.a place where i study, i sleep, i laugh with my dorm-mates, i spend most of my time there.But now i have to leave..sad *sobs* i went to my dorm with my parents,brother&my beautiful niece.then we packed all my stuffs: clothes, books, cosmetics, magazines, dolls, fan, iron..everything.I just left couples of my clothes&cosmetics till thursday (last day of my final test)..and a home-girl for the next 3 months

I just feel..weird.NO!i feel sad actually..very very sad.i used to live&take care of myself all by my own.i'm an independent not a home-girl kinda like.But..yeah, i have to think bout my dad.Poor him if he has to pay for my useless 3 months dorm-room, coz i'm definitely not gonna use it. It's oke though...on Sept i'll be back to be a an independent lady able to take care mysely by my own again :) i'll miss my dorm, i'll miss my crazy dorm-fellas, i'll miss the moment when i wake up & suddenly all my friends were surround me and yelled, "IWED BANGOOONNNN...UDAH JAM 10 TAOOO!!!!" :D

:( DAMN i sad...

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