Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[Daily Style] Bubbles!!

Me with Melody Maker's new album "Introduction to The Unfamiliar" [Hijab by @ZirraaOlshop]

Salam 'alaikum!

Have you heard about the newest album of Melody Maker? If haven't, you might wanna go check their music in their new album "Introduction to The Unfamiliar". They are initially a black metal band [If I'm not mistaken], but in this album it looks like they've changed their genre to a bit more like Metalcore with a bit techno touch in it. Fresh!

MM will have their album release party at Bulungan on Nov 24, 2012. If you wanna know more about this talented band, just be there. And follow their Twitter as well @MelodyMakerBand.

Have a great Tuesday all ^^


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