Monday, April 17, 2006

HaVe FuN go Mad..!!

My old friend-Rika-was having her b'day about 3 weeks ago. We went to Pizza Hut & La and EAT!! was a crazy moment where every single second wasn't left for joking each other. we ate at Pizza Hut KGM 3, oh and i recommend you to not eat there if you're not a patient person. our order was served at least 45 MINUTES after we ordered. So damn jaded the waitress were..

After we were satisfied by the most delicious pizza we've ever eat, we went to La Piazza..Eat more??Nope!!we're just hang out, relaxing our body in a, laughing even more (like bunch of idiot later i think :D), staring at people come and go and of course..TOOK PICTURES!!Lots of pictures,hahaha...

and then the dawn was coming..time for pray!!So we went to a masjid (for private reason i don't wanna call masjid in an english word "mosque",sorry..) for praying.after pray, we thought we had had enough it's time for GO MAD!!we went to NAF Karaoke Club. Dare to hear our voice??i suggest first thing to do before hear us sing is that headache & stomachache medicines were already prepared,hehehe..

Happy b'day my bestfriend Rika.. ^-^


Yogi said...

Makanya makan Pizza Hutnya di Mall 1 aja atau di La Piazzanya. Btw, loe sadar ga? Dalam radius kurang dari 1KM, di sputar Mall KG - La Piazza ada 4 restoran Pizza Hut..

Goddess said...

Many reasons Gie...First, kita gamau makan di PH MKG 1 karena udh bosen. second, makan di PH La piazza yg versi cafe itu mahal bgt (gede di pajaknya pernah kesitu sama cowo gw&walaupun tempatnya cozy bgt tp too expensive utk sekelas Pizza Hut), third gw gatau lagi dimana PH keempat yg lo sebutin tadi.Karna di wilayah MKG-La Piazza gw cuma tau ada 3 restoran PH.Gimana kalo yg PH 4 nya pergi sama lo dan gw ditraktir??Ide bagus kan??apalagi kantor deket bgt tuh kayanya.. :D