Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I aM Me!

I’m a daRK LadY, a goTHeSs..

I LoVe BlacK, BuT I LiKe To ShiNe eiTHeR

I LoVe SiNgiNg, aNd I SiNg aLL SoNg I LoVe

I’m a SoLoiST & a gRouPiST, aNd a BaNd VoCaLiST EiTHeR

I LoVe daNCiNg BuT I’M NoT a CLuBBeR

I LikE To RocK! BuT I CaN Be MeLLow SoMeTiMeS..

I’m a FeMiNiST, BuT I LiKe To do BoY StuFFs

I LoVe doLL, BuT I LoVe SkuLL EiTHeR

I LoVe CaT, I LoVe BaT Too..

I’m aLoNeR, BuT I couLdN’T LiVe wiTHouT FrieNdS

I’m FrieNdLy, BuT aRogaNT..

I aM a SeNSiTiVe PeRSoN wiTH a RocK HeaRT

I’m eiTHeR aN aNgeL aNd a deViL..

I’m a SecRET KeePeR BuT ouTSpoKeN

I aM SeLFiSH, BuT FoRgiVeR

I’m a MoViE & TV FreaKS BuT I HaTe iNFoTaiNMeNT, SiNeTRoN, MiDNiTe JuNK-CoMedY ShoW aNd aLL TraSH wHicH NoW BeCoMe aN iNdoNeSiaN Media’S ChaRaCTeR..

aNd oF CouRSe I DISAGREE wiTH “RU APP”, LiKe ThoSe BucH oF idioT THaT SiT iN THe H.O.R doN’T HaVe aNoTHeR CRuCiaL NaTioNaL ProBLeMs To SoLVe..gRowN uP MoRoNs!!

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