Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm 22 now and still...Life's a bitch!!

Trying to settle all things right
Trying to put all minds back
Struggling to find my way home
Somewhere place I really belong

Three hours from now
And I have to carry out the responsibility of a 22-year-old-girl
While I think I'm still 17
With a 10-year-old-girl brain
And a 5-year-old-girl behaviour

My home...Somewhere
Haven't found it yet..
And I think I'm lost right now..
Can someone show me the way?

Allah..can you?
Please, dude...I beg you
Show me the way..
Light the street up all the way

Give me a sign when I arrived at the cross-road
Tell me when I have to stop searching
And tell me when that home is already stand in front of me...
Or sneak behind me...
Or guarding me discreetly along my way...

"Happy Birthday to me... Time to wake up and see Life is cheesy, don't be sulky.. Make a wish be merry!!"

- Goddess -


Simulacra said...

Seize The Day...

Goddess said...

I was..that day..My birthday :)

Simulacra said...

Not just on that day my dear.. ;)

Goddess said...

Sure I know it, my dear friend.. ;)