Monday, July 02, 2012


Finally be able to deliver my long silent desire to capture every moment of life using a proper tool

Yuk, kita ngejepret yuk! ^^

Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Lens: 18 - 55 mm [Kit] - Canon
             50mm f1.8 [Fix] - Canon


One hall in my office

Kiblat pertama fotografi ku ^^

This is what happen if you didn't have enough fun in your childhood :p

Black & white

To punch someone, the size of your fist isn't the matter, the size of your ring is, lol

The key to whose heart?

The place where I go hell & back to search some temporary heaven for my family :)

Coffee, please?

My son's cup
Cabheum! Rayyan's fave doll

Yeah.. Like father like son --"

Mom, let me take pictures of you!

Hmmm, how bout changing your pose, Mom?

Okay, say cheese!
Mom, you're not listening to me! >___<

With his new toy

Tetep ye itu empeng ga dilepas2 --"

With his fave toy :p

Selingkuh :p

Sleep, baby... Sleep

What keeps you awake. What keeps you aware

Rasuna Said, one morning from my workspace window

Dream high... And colorful ^^

Gajah kebluk!

My new gun ;)

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