Thursday, July 12, 2012

[Tutorial] Simple smokey-eye make up & hijab tutorial

Salam 'alaikum!

Healthiness is something priceless for us, humans. I'm suffering a bad cough & flu now, even some sprues. Aaaakk! It's very irritating, y'knoooh?! Didn't have a qualified sleep last nite coz of the runny nose *even if the nose didn't run somewhere* *kriik kriik* *abaikan*

Keep  yourselves healthy, friends. It's a real blessing from Allah SWT. And oh yeah, how did yesterday goes? Did you / did you not use your suffrage? I did. But I chose all. Hehehe, yes. I chose all candidates. I am the real Golput actually, but I didn't want my suffrage be misused by irresponsible people to increase the voting number of the candidate that they're supporting.

No pic = HOAX? Well, don't blame me for a shocking pic below :P

See? I used my suffrage, though I didn't choose any of them, hehehe...

Anywaay, finally after a looong time I haven't uploaded any tutorial, today I have the chance to do that. And this is not just a hijab tutorial, because I combined with a simple smokey-eye make up tutorial as well.

I received many requests to do this make up tutorial from my Facebook, Twitter & Youtube fellas & I just have the time to record it. So here we go, I hope it can be useful for you all & please do not hesitate to send me comments / critics. My hands are wide open *constructive critics yes? not an empty cynical comments*

- Sorry for the typos
- Again, a typo in the hijab tutorial description. It should be a 1,8-meter long pashmina, not 2 meters :)
- For applying the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania, I used Elf Angled Foundation Brush :)
- The polkadot pashmina is from @ZirraaOlshop


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