Thursday, July 12, 2012

[Review] NYX Ultra Pearl Mania [Color: Nude]

Salam 'alaikum!

I'm not an expert about make-up. To be honest, I am not a make up junkie though I like to put  make up on my face. Yet, I'm not a make up-branded junkie.


I have to tell you about this one weapon which I adore so much!

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania!

I bought it a month ago (or so). There are 5 colors of this brand; Mink, Mocha, Nude, Walnut & White. I bought the Nude one. My first purpose to buy this one was to have a glittery light brown eye-shadow. But apparently it turned out to be my highlighter / bronzer. I like to apply it in my T-line, cheeks & chin to have a bit shiny effect on my face, because I have a normal-to-dry skin type. This thing is best used at night, because it will show your make up even more & make your face look fresher. And the price is so affordable. Do not look at the size of the package, because you won't be needing much of it when applying to your face. Put only a (very) few of it with your angled foundation brush & let it work for you. Voila!

IMO, this brand is 8,5 out of 10. So far I still haven't have the competitor of this cosmetic since I haven't bought any similar cosmetic. But I feel satisfy enough with the result ^^


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