Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[ #IndonesiaTanpaJIL ] Breaking in!

Salam 'alaikum!

Last Saturday me & my friends in #IndonesiaTanpaJIL was having another action in order to build awareness to the society about the dangerous of JIL. We went to JakCloth 2012, giving flyers, bulletins & stickers to the attendees. That was a bit extraordinary, because we were breaking into the underground scene. Though JakCloth is basically a clothing event, but lots of the performers were underground bands, therefore, we found many underground music listeners there. It was a fun challenge for us in "knocking" their cool heart & what-the-hell attitude. We didn't expect an instant positive feedback anyway. We knew we also learned to approach people with different behaviors & thoughts, especially those who love hard & harsh music. But we do love the process :)

I hope our action last weekend was a good starter for us in helping more people to really wake up and really see what's going on with the society now caused by those JILers. May Allah always guide our way & keep us away from behaviors he despises. This is our dakwah field, we hope to be able to keep istiqomah in His path, aamiin...

orang-orang yang beriman dan berhijrah serta berjihad di jalan Allah dengan harta, benda dan diri mereka, adalah lebih tinggi derajatnya di sisi Allah; dan itulah orang-orang yang mendapat kemenangan. [QS. 9:20]


Meeting point

#IndonesiaTanpaJIL 's standing banner

@gatse8 & @halogalih

Srikandi2 #IndonesiaTanpaJIL ='>

@dieforlust & @gatse8

We're ready!

This gorgeous boy accompanied me in giving flyers, bulletins & stickers ^^

@endonendone, @abuskull, @Zapra_vesfa & me with the book @labour_lovehate

After-show evaluation

Master O giving speech


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