Friday, March 14, 2008

Udah ujhyan, dingin ngga pyulang-pyulang.

It's 9.24 already, still at the office. Half of the employees are still here coz they all very busy preparing for the upcoming RUPS LB of BB next Monday at Intercontinental. It is raining outside now, been stuck here, all foods have gone.. Gone with the wind of hunger! hahahaha...

Me, Pudel and Ria feel hungry again tonight. And it is bloody hell cold inside here. But unfortunately my tummy screams that she wants to have some ice cream! We called 14045 and ordered some ready-stocked menus. McFlurry be my choice, and eat the ice cream with predator power while chatting with any friend I could reach this night on the Messanger, heh heh...

Okay guys, this is my sin admission. Today I ate several "harmful" foods:

1. Two slices of bread with strwaberry jam
2. Oily snacks [gorengan]
3. Snacks [again!] from Le Gourmet
4. Pecel Lele
5. Two cups of coffee [black and creamy]
6. Rujak!
7. McFlurry

And I'm still hungry! And it is still raining and cold down here
Udah ujhyan, dingin ngga pyulang-pyulang... Aku jchadi puyeng..

Oh dear... *sigh*

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