Thursday, December 07, 2006

To Be Uncontinued

You told me all that words
As smooth as the flow of the blood
You condemned me with spell
Made me feel like in hell

I Kept silent

Know that my sins are unforgiven
Know that you can never forget them
You talked to me as I was a bitch
You said that I'm a girl full of shit

I remained silent

You started to mock my mother
You said I'm no different like her
Insulted her with full of anger
Couldn't control your mouth even better

I said STOP!!

Go ahead and insult me
Hurt me as you wish to be
But never dare to touch my mother
Now you don't even better than a LOSER!!

Thank God, He has showed me the way
Loves me and answers my pray
You're not the "Mr. Right" for me
You don't even deserve me

No tears came out from these eyes
No sober appeared in this face
You're gone with no goodbye and no apologize
I'm disappeared with no waving and no trace

...And that's how it ends...



Simulacra said...

Inikah salah satu yang buat kamu bingung belakangan ini?

Goddess said...

Yah, that's right. Tapi sekarang aku udah ngga bingung lagi. Allah udah nunjukkin jalan buat aku,

"Maybe God wants me to meet few wrong people first before finding the right one. So I can know how to be grateful to Him"