Saturday, December 16, 2006

Be grateful a bit, will ya?!

I was so shocked when I read this message sent by one of my online buddy on Friendster. And I kinda feel uncomfort to see the fact that landed on me and on him...

Here's the message:

jam 7 mlm minggu.skrg gw lg ngebayangin orang ky lo itu lagi ngapain ya di jam2 kaya gini...kadang gw mikir apa kita menghirup udara yang sama ya...

gw baru liat lg blog lo...
words of wonders.n looks of beauty,hmm wonder if you have the voice of sirens ya.but anyhow God must've spent more time on you...
dlm x men,pasukan prof charles xavier berjuang untuk dunia yg membenci mereka.cyclops punya cahaya penghancur yg keluar dr matanya,collossus bisa meliputi tubuhnya dengan besi kapanpun dia mau,dan wolverine pny tulang adamantium dan cakar yg bisa memotong apapun.mereka mutant,homo superior, dibenci karena kelainan genetik yg cenderung menghancurkan.kinda weird dont u think, cos then we have to wonder,why captain america,spiderman,and the fantastis four are considered hero by the others?i mean they have powers that similar to that of the x knp mereka ga dianggap mutant juga? hmm,slh satu misteri alam yg mgkn ga bakal bs gw temukan jawabannya.

but all aside,x men adlh grup mutant berisi orang2 keren dgn kemampuan luar biasa,anggap aja lo adalah salah satu dari para homo superior ini.entah lo ada di mutant x, x factor atw alpha lo adlh slh satu dr mereka yg pny kemampuan luar biasa dgn penampilan ma'nyus.

n then there were the morlocks,kaum mutant yg tinggal di lorong2 bwh tanah di kota new york.sama seperti x men,mereka adl homo superior dng kekuatan luar biasa.tapi satu hal yg membedakan mereka dgn mutant2 di atas sana adl mereka buruk rupa,perubahan genetis mereka mengubah penampilan mereka mnjd sosok2 yg menakutkan.bkn hny di benci manusia,mereka bahkan dijauhi oleh mutant lainnya.hence,they look upon the world with hate.udah kebayang kan seperti apa kaum morlock itu.nah anggap aja gw ini adl salah satu dari kaum morlocks.

stlh paham akan siapa gw dan siapa lo,maka gw harap lo bisa ngerti knp gw mo meneriakkan kata2 ini ke lo dlm tulisan ini...

envy is my feeling when i look at your photos,knowing that i can be all that you are but then i'd look into the mirror n see the monster in eyes have seen too many darkness to live in the world you're livin in.but i do hope that someday we can meet and then you can look into my eyes and see the light that is in my heart.

ben grimm prnh bilang ke sue "u don't know what i'd give to be invisible..."dan untuk semenit dalam film itu gw ngerti dalamnya kata2 itu.i could understand it so much it hurts.i almost cried cause the bout you?do you even feel sad?does angels leave you even a second? my head's filled with questions bout my existence no one needs. i'd wonder who am i, what are my purpose, then i'd ask as loud as my heart thunders..."WHY?".questions that i'm sure you'd never thought bout .

God's given us this role.i rest my case n never ask for another.though sometimes in the morning i'd like to wake up feeling that today's gonna be a great day,not thinking what should my heart bear torture again this time.then in the nite i'd close my eyes wishing that tomorrrow brings hope to my shattered bout you?the sun must welcome you with its golden lights.n stars give you their lullaby in late's must be giving you it's very best.`

hh,how i covet for your wonderfull gifts...but all is fine i think.the world needs an optimist-like u-to give it a soul,and a realist-just like me-to keep it alive.

heh,my mutant powers arent weak.i'll persevere this world.dan mgkn nanti saat tirai panggung dunia ini udah diturunkan dan semua pemain turun dr panggung,kita bs ktemu.hopefully in a place where rivers flows underneath our feet.dan mgkn nanti saat itu kita bakal tau how we'd make the best-est friends of all.
till then... mo ngomong itu aja.tau knp?krn lo trll wonderful!!bkn pnampilan lo aja,tp isi kepala lo itu yg keterlaluan wonderfulnya.homo superior...kadang gw pikir tu kata2 bkn cm ada di komik aja.

the name's ...nevermind.bkn siapa-siapa ko.c u


One thing that makes me so sad about this message. Why can he has such a thinking? He doesn't know me thet well, he thinks my life is like a fairy-tale....I never feel pain, broken-hearted and being ignored. Ugh, for a dozen times YES YES YES, I have I have I have!!! One's life will never run smoothly...NEVER! What does he look from me? My face? Dakh...He never know how this face makes me have some (maybe lot) enemies that hate me to death!! If murder doesn't break the law maybe I'll be dead from ages ago. What else? My brain? Hahaha...He doesn't know how struggle I am to finish my study now coz I often think that my brain capacity isn't that full. There're still many space remains empty in the corner side of my brain, waiting to be filled up.

I just can tell him that he should...No, he MUST be grateful for what he has now..Everything! Coz life doesn't always go his way (And, how can you enjoy life and coloring it without facing some shit around you??)

Alhamdulillah...That's all I can say..Cheap, can be told anytime I want to my "Boss". Feel thankful for the bless, the obstacles in my life, the ordeals...the "All"


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