Saturday, December 23, 2006

Confession of a bride-to-be

You've decide...So no turning back
Why do you still confuse about it?
I dunno what's gonna happen next, Wed."

Everyone knows it...
Only God knows what's gonna happen next, Ann...
You've chose him..You'll be in his side forever (hopefully)

No regret, sis...And hopefully never does

I always pray for you...

So now, there's no turning back
Enjoy it, sis...
You'll no longer Ms. Anna

You'll be Mrs.Yusak

And you have to be happy for it

No turning back, sis...

Just enjoy it

For Anna

Calon pengantin yang sedang mengalami PMS (Pre Married Syndrome)


[Photo taken in June, 2006. Watching World Cup Final and making Spaghetti at Rika's house]

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