Friday, July 25, 2008

Deep Condolence [ For Aya & her beloved Mother].

This news hits me, big time. Aya is one of my college buddies at PR UI, she had a terrible car accident this dawn in a highway near Cempaka Putih. Her mother and the taxi driver couldn’t be saved [my deep condolence, sist] and my friend – Ryana Yahya Nasution – lying in hospital bed dying. She lost blood so much and need blood donated as soon as possible.

For those who has an A blood type and kindly want to donate his/her blood, you can directly go to PMI Salemba and just tell the staff that you want to donate blood for Ryana Yahya. Your favor would be highly appreciated.

I shed tears reading this shocking news. Really, this couldn’t have happened if the truck driver didn’t fall asleep while driving. Shoot! I hate this news!!

Aya, hang on dear…


The news link, please go to:

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