Friday, February 01, 2008

Rain Song

And I adore you in every tears you stream down on earth...
And I fancy your move in a perfect divination
And I feel breathless to see how you cleave the grey firmament
Singing a mermish lullabies chantings
When earth be your choir

And I love the way you make me feel
And I'm longing of you when the sun has a spiritless shine
And I tease you in my bed covered in my blanket
With a cup of hot coffee
And a good novel awaits here

When I can't recall anymore how to express my sadness
I see of how you represent it, and all I can do is just stare at you
You are such an understanding thing to adore, rain...

*Tapi betewe, gimana cara gw pulang kerumah yak? Scarra Kuningan terancam banjir ginih, hiks... [Melihat pasrah keluar jendela kantor]

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