Friday, February 29, 2008

Pending meeting, bleh...!!

I feel a bit sad right now. Actually I should have been in one stage with my boyfriend last night in a gig called "Metal Divas' Fest", but since the accident in the Braga building, many gigs were cancelled coz the committees didn't get the permission to held their events. Though Metal Divas was finally held last night, unfortunately all bands from outside Jakarta sadly been cancelled to perform there. The sponsor didn't want to take a higher risk than what it should be. So, in short, Sadie was also been cancelled to perform there. I miss Arez so fvckin much, it's been more than 2 months we haven't meet each other yet. And it's just another chance that slips up from us to meet again

So then we were just calling each other and cursed as rude as we want becoz of this unfortunate fate of us *sobs*, but then he promised me that he will come to Jakarta soon and meet me [and my parents maybe? Amin, hohoho...]. I got so exhausted after performing in Tangerang and I soon got back to Harry's car to lay back a bit. On our way home, I got one MMS from him. He sent me his photo with Tantra [his bassist] that very moment when we texts each other.

And oh geez... look how narcissistic he is!! Hahahahaha...
Well, Finally I have a great competitor for my narcissism

Huff... I'm in a very high need right now. And I'm sick

+++written on Feb 24, 08++


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