Monday, February 12, 2007

Killing me (not so) softly

He offered me a blissfully never ending pleasure of heaven
To melt up the blackening heart of mine that was frozen
I welcomed him just in the couple counts of the second
In the air of death, I left my hands wide open

I let him enter me

He poured down his love on me in a shapeless crystal
Casted a pinkish spell upon me like a Christmas jingle
My single broken soul was united with his and formed as double
Creating an extremely tremendous formation that remains immortal

I let him conquer me

I took his oath of live, death and love
Never been realized of him sucking my sanity so dove
For I thought that my Lord has sent him from above
And covered me with a gold blanket and silky silver gloves

I let him torture me

As consciousness has always appeared when the sun has gone
His angelic figure now is rapidly changing to a demented form
When he said that his pledge has been fulfilled and his job has been done
Is when I deadly wish that I was never been born

I let him kill me

Not so softly...

For you...My everlasting story
- g -

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