Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finally, I went home

I’m breathless by your yellowish silhouette…

Wordless by the greenish smiley grass

I’m speechless by your bluish seducing wind…

Lifeless when seeing those reddish flower dances with the rain

I’m stuck in the air

Drown in the sky

I see black as white

Feel love in hate

I won’t go home…No, I don’t wanna go home

I won’t care for you anymore

I won’t feel alone…No, I won’t cry alone

I won’t show you my weakest entity

So now, the wingless wind is here

The dancing grass is near

So there, the tall hilarious trees is speaking to me

They said, “Hey, believe nobody…As for now, you’ll safe, honey!”

And there I go, “No…I don’t wanna go home”

This is my home, I won’t be alone…

With the wind, the rain, the tress, the grass I live

And a piece of paper as the soul

I’ll survive…

So now, there I go…

Leave the place you called home

The place I called tormenting mansion

- g -

“I finally went home”

[Photographed by Mark Bialek / Kalamazoo Gazette]

while listening to a song "Good Enough" by Evanescence

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