Friday, September 14, 2012

[Review] Mama Cake Movie

A life in a box of cake.

That's prolly the best line I could pick for describing this movie. As I promised before in my previous entry that I would review The Mama Cake Movie. So here it is. I'm gonna tell you what I saw, I felt & I learned from this movie directed by Anggy Umbara.

The movie tells about three best buddies who go to Bandung to buy brownies cake from Mama Cake factory. It's a duty / amanah from Rakha's dying grandmother - in which you can call it as the last wish from her. On their way to Bandung, they face lots of things, bad lucks, incidents & surprises like fighting over a woman, getting suffered from a car-theft, debating about Darwin's Theory VS the Holy Qur'an and others. They get into their anger limit which causing them to have a big fight until they decide to go in separate ways. Raka - the idealistic young man trying to fulfill his grandma's wish to bring Mama Cake brownies to her, stumbled by many problems like meeting a nice girl, getting robbed, sexually abused & lost his car in the road. Willy, his playboy buddy... Almost welcomes his death after being beaten by bunch of rascals over stupid jealousy & how he finally realizes how jerk he has been through these times by continuously lying to his loyal girlfriend, Lolly, when he tries to conceal his many affairs with other women. And the last is Rio, who considers "love" as his religion and think that there's nothing above love, he tries to be united with the nature but he disregards The One who created the nature in where he's living now.

Before experiencing lots of weird things, on their way to Bandung, these three fellas hit a mysterious guy. Amazingly, he didn't injured even a bit. This mysterious man is played by Fajar Umbara, Anggy's brother. Funny thing is I don't remember his name in this movie. And yet I believe that he never mentioned his name until the movie ends anyway. Yes, he remains a mystery. I guess, the role that Fajar plays is one of the key roles in the story.

In short, many things we can learn from this movie; especially about faith, belief & trustworthiness. About which one would you prefer to believe; a holy book that has been in the world for centuries to guide people in running their lives within the right path or a theory from a man who didn't live less than a century? Which one would you choose, love over sincerity or the vice versa? Which one would you prefer? Hurt someone because of the truth or a white lie? Which one would you choose; believe in God or media's propaganda in the name of "Agama Cinta"?

My #jlebh moments are in 3 parts; a moment when the mysterious guy is explaining to Rio about the four elements of nature [Fire, wind, water & ground] which are existed in Shalat's movements. The moment when Willy says "They should create a new word above 'Sorry'. Because now, to say 'Sorry' to you is not enough. Never enough" and the last is when Rakha's grandma runs into him & eats the Mama Cake brownies happily. Well, you won't know why that scene is my #jlebh moment before you watch it yourself ;)

Frankly speaking, I flood my cheeks with tears. And ha! Lots of the boys there were teary as well, but they hide it soo well [Damn!] :')))

The boys after watching Mama Cake premiere

MOGerz :')

With Mami [The Umbara's mom]. Mami-nya anak-anak ^^

I dare myself to give 4 stars out of 5 to this movie. The visuality is fresh, though maybe not too original because there are some other comical-effect movies too before Mama Cake. For example, many comic lovers say that Mama Cake is a bit similar to Scott Pilgrim. But hey, in Indonesia? Have you seen a movie is similarly visualized like Mama Cake before?

I don't think so.

Really, for a truth-seeker, you have... No. You MUST watch this movie. Great visualization. Great humor. Down-to-earth line picking. And of course, tons of moral messages sent.

What are you waiting for. Tomorrow's weekend. Go buy the ticket!

Meanwhile, I wanna congratulate Anggy, Dicky, Bounty, Thouva, Fajar and Al... My friends behind this movie. Proud of you, guys! *standing ovation*

OST Mama Cake: Iwan Fals Feat. Ladunni - Belum Ada Judul


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