Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Review] D'Eyeko Premium Lashes; Natural Volume 154!

Salam 'alaikum peeps,

I got another pair of false eyelashes from a brand that uses only natural hair & a 100% handmade. Yes, we're talking about D'Eyeko!! So this is the last pair I have. It's a Premium Lashes Natural Volume with code 154.

Kotak bulu matanya. Simple ^^

From the package, I knew these false eyelashes will bring an extreme difference & nuance to my eyes, and also will make my eyes look wider and bigger. Because well, I have these Asian-like eyes *iye iyeee, mata gue emang sipit* -__________-"

So here they are my eyes without any false eyelashes, with mascara on & had been curled with the eyelash curler.

Without false eyelashes

And here is the difference when I had put one false eyelashes to my left eye

One false eyelashes on

See the difference? Quite significant, huh?

Yeaps! These false eyelashes is lighter than the other two that I've posted before, but the hair is longer and they create natural volume to your eyelashes. So yeah, basically this product creates a big difference for slanted eyes like mine.

Here's the result

Both false eyelashes on

See? Really makes a difference, right? But amazingly they don't look "cheap" or "fake". Well of course, because the D'Eyeko Premium Lashes are a 100% hand-made with only natural hairs. A better natural look for my eyes ^^

But even any mass-producted brands have their own weakness. Actually this depends on personal taste. For my taste, I don't really like the plastic hair-connective. Because it's rather hard to be glued in my lid & it's even harder to cover the white plastic with another layer of eyeshadow / eyeliner. Really, I've tried several times to cover the white connective but it's still uncovered :( Yes, for my personal taste, I'd rather use a false eyelashes using a string / yarn connective. But again, it depends on personal taste :)

Overall from the three false eyelashes from the D'Eyeko brand, I like these series most. Nice! ^^


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