Monday, September 03, 2012

[Event] G'bye & hello!

Salam 'alaikum peeps,

So last Thursday & Friday, I & my friends at work were having two contrasting events; First was a farewell lunch feast & second was a birthday bash, all at one! :)

The sad news first. Our dear friend - Bindra - is making a bigger step in his career to a family business of his own. So he decided to submit his resignation from BNBR. The happy news is our pretty pregnant HR Manager Phipi was having her I-don't-know-the-age birthday bash :D We had the lunch feast at Chicken Story Plaza Festival. Another happiness we feel is that Phipi is expecting her 2nd child, she's just taken her maternity leave just today to be able to deliver the baby normally. Yeaaay! Congrats ya, Phiiii :-*

And as usual, no party completed without any narcissism, LOL. So here they are the pictures. Pardon for I put a bit funny effects on the pics, hehehe... Enjoy




Gue emang jail ya? Aduh maap, bawaan orok :))

My new lover

Sibuk ama camera :D

Playing with my lovely tool ^^

Ngga lebe sih kalo gw dibercandain soal sambel. I am a chilli freak! LOL


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