Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Review] D'Eyeko Premium Lashes; Flirtatious!

Salam 'alaikum giirls,

It's been a while, yes? Well, there nothing much to say about my life this week besides work, work and work. But hey, now I do have a thing to say! Let's talk about


Ini diaa bulu mata palsunyaa!
Flirtatious false eyelashes from D'Eyeko Premium Lashes! So IMO these lashes are designed to be a very natural false lashes. It's proven because when I tried it, the false lashes didn't "come out" so well. They increase your lashes volume, yes. But they don't make your lashes look curlier / longer.

These 100% handmade false lashes best suit for everyday wear. Like going to work / casual occasions. I don't think they'll suit for going to campus/school. It's not like you will meet Brad Pitt or something in your school. LOL. These lashes also use natural hair, so they're not heavy for your eyes. For about 15 minutes after you put them on, your eyes will quickly adjust with the false lashes. After then, you won't even realize that you actually put any false lashes on them. They're so liiight, like my body! (Yea rite! Uh huh uh huh) LOL

Sorry for the bad camera quality. But actually if if I used an SLR camera, wouldn't even make any big difference anyway.

After I put them on. See? It looks like I don't wear any.

Average length. Average volume. So natural. Hype these!

Ow yeah, make sure you use a good lashes glue because these lashes are a bit hard to put on the lids. Or is it just me who is still very amateur about the false lashes thingy? Well, I dunno, LOL


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