Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quality tiime!

Spend the weekend with the ones you love is never a failure

Last weekend deathlust family went to Uti's house at Kranji, Bekasi. We wanted to accompany Big Biyo to have his Karate test on Sunday morning *ini semacam lagunya No Doubt >> abaikan*. We were having the quality time together, and Little Rayyan always love being around his brother. Love to see them playing happily ^^


Mommy & Daddy

Little Rayyan playing soccer

Little Rayyan with Big Biyo & Kak Mutiara

Lust and Death ^^

Mommy ^^

Little Rayyan, Mommy & Eyang Uti ^^

Sunday morning with them ♥

Accompanying Big Biyo having his Karate test

Big Biyo in the Karate test

Big Biyo in the Karate test

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