Friday, December 23, 2011

My PureVolume page.

Salam 'alaikum musical fellas ^^

I just made a new social media page regarding any musical pieces I've made, either when with Gelap or solo. Please take a look at my PureVolume page and add me if you have one too :)
I'm still doing some project with Gelap and as well as solo. I also in process to have some sort of music project with my husband, but I'll do one at a time. Music project with Gelap is the most priority right now.

Btw if you haven't have any idea where to spend your new year's eve, come and join us to the biggest underground gig on new year's eve called Sound of Spirit. Many amazing bands will perform there including Gelap. And Ishallah I will join with them in the performance. Wish us luck, guys ^^


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