Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does money get all the talk?

Seems like everybody's got a price
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first and the truth comes second
Just stop for a minute and smile

Last night I went to sleep nearly at 1 in the midnite. I stuck in Youtube, commenting video about "Suster "Mega" Ngesot" incident that happened several days ago. Any comment? I'm sure you already have all strong - almost cruel - pranks behind your tongue ready to spit out, heheh... Well, I'm not writing here to tell either about the behavior of the security with his spry reflex or about the lack sense of humor this Mega girl has. I'm here to talk about justice and money. Yes, 2 main things this lovely country still can't put the clear lines between them.

This is justice, and this is money.

Ever witnessed one put a clear lines in between? lol

I was being tickled when reading that this SN incident is later known to have involved a mass organization, as well as the fact that Mega is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who happens to be a quite respectful person in the apartment where the incident happened.

Coincidence? Figures.

Why is everybody so serious?
Acting so damn mysterious
You got your shades on your eyes and your heels so high
That you can't even have a good time

I think the world has known the chronology clearly about the kicking (ass!!) incident. Obviously, there are some raging hormones teenagers who couldn't figure out the best way to surprise their birthday friend and came out with an idea which they thought brilliant but ended up so stupidly fool and needless. Suster ngesot, in a year (almost) 2012? C'mon..

And everybody might've watched the CCTV, they could tell that what the security did was a reflex, and yes... A security must have a good spry reflex to all shocking and unpredictable situation. I must say for you who blame the security, you might wanna try putting your heart-diseased parents to this 'horror-ly funny' situation and see them die silly. Could you still laugh at that? :)

There is a word in the dictionary called COORDINATION, dudes... You wanna act crazy and silly in a public place, then you have to coordinate with the owner, at least with the security. In addition, you could probably get more help from them in setting your surprise thingy. Besides, what's so sexy bout being "she-thinks-she's-funny" with empty brain? *knock knoock*

Everybody look to their left
Everybody look to their right
Can you feel that? Yeah
We'll pay them with love tonight

Now let's go back to justice and money. News reported that Mega has brought this case to the court, though she previously had expressed her apology to public. But well, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive are not enough nowadays. For the sake of being a "law-abiding" citizen, she thinks this case - in which for me is just about misunderstanding caused by lack of coordination and still can be resolved amicably - is by law, a noteworthy case. That by blaming and punishing a security who has done what he must do to secure other apartment tenants (in the midnite) can be called fair.

Then let's Indonesian justice decide.

But can you believe that it can decide without any money-licking conspiracy?

It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance
Forget about the price tag

Who's Pak Sunarya comparing to the wealthy loaded social butterfly named Mega Tri Pratiwi? He may just a father with no more that 2 million basic salary with a wife and 2, maybe 3 kids to feed under a so-so rented house. He may just a person who's trying at his best in doing his work to stand his feet as steady as possible in the institution he's under. Who's Pak Sunarya comparing to a beautiful hot teenage girl who might not knowing where to spend her unlimited credit card to?

Can the "Your Highness" judges of the state decide the fairest way for both of them without being licked on their lustful asses with stacks of money which are inserted inside their bulging pocket?

Ain't about the cha-ching, cha-ching
Ain't about the ba-bling, ba-bling
Wanna make the world dance
Forget about the price tag

This is a classic story, only one simple sample which can bring wider and larger range to discuss or even debate. Freedom of speech nowadays in Indonesia has brought its people to have some kind of distorted mind to know when is the right time to discuss, and when is the right time to just act without much useless babble.

We're waiting them to draw thick lines between justice and money. Does money (still) get all the talk and knock the hammer? Guess we'll see how they work. :)


Lyrics: Price Tag - Jessie J.


Fenty Fahminnansih said...

hehehe, lagunya jessie j emang ngomongin itu ya mbak :D

iya, sepertinya uang masih merupakan Tuhan di negara kita ~.~"

Goddess said...

Ngga secara spesifik ngomongin justice and money, yang jelas ngomongin money :D

Iya, uang itu seperti Tuhan 'dunia' buat manusia, dan gue rasa ngga cuma di negara ini aja sist :)