Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thousand faces.

Thousand faces.

How does it feel to have thousand of faces?

You don't have to be in the awkwardness situation of feeling guilty to the one who cares for you and say "I'm sorry" because you can change your mask to something labeled "defense".

You don't have to be worried of what could have been caused by your one-track mind deceiving people over and over again with your mask labeled "tricky".

You don't have to bear any consequences for your irresponsible delinquencies by blaming other so easily with your "deceitful" tongue.

You get variety of good images from people with your fake pious smiles and fake sugar-taste words and let alone any judging. Why do they have to judge you over something bad when you wear your"sycophant" mask?

You don't need to be afraid that people would reveal your secret when "white lies" is your justification for running out of trouble.

It is too tiring seeing you run your life that way. Aren't you too?


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