Thursday, November 24, 2011


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I just found this picture from John Resborn's facebook. He and his sister - Lena Resborn - has been doing their book project titled "Labour of Love and Hate" since 2009. After 3 fucking years, finally the book is soon to be released.

Btw, me and Rinsdark were being interviewed on around March 2009 for this book project, we represented our band (my ex-band now) Gelap. The book itself tells about underground music in Southeast Asia (Or maybe all Asia? Well I'm not quite sure). They were interested to interview me maybe because I'm a few of those metalhead muslimah. They asked several questions about my involvement in underground scene to my belief as muslimah and my hijab. Yesterday I have done the proof reading of my interview and I have confirmed to them that the article about me is OK to print. So cross your finger, the book might be handed to me several weeks ahead :)

Meanwhile, the pic you see above is an article written in one of the Swedish newspapers about the project. (narsis dikit ngga dosa yaaaa, hehehe). Can't wait to read their book. Must be enlightening! ^^


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