Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Children of Bodom, The Ugly World Tour 2011

Band: Children of Bodom
Place: Bulungan Outdoor
Date: 15th of November, my fucking birthday!!

I intentionally took a day off from work to have a rest in the afternoon so I could be fresh to go to COB concert in the evening. Yes, it was my fucking 27th birthday (Aaaak! udah 27 aje umur gue! Dang!) and I was so happy to celebrate it with my hubby, my metalhead buddies and Henkka Seppälä's band. I got a sweet surprise from my boss. He sent me a big chocolate cake from Seven Grain to my house (Thanks, Chief! I like it ^^)

birthday cake from my boss ^^

After making sure that my Rayyan will be safe with his nanny, I, Die and Irene took off from my house at 4 pm. The traffic was unbelievable! (Welcome to Jakarte yeee!), we were so worried we wouldn't be able to make it on time. But Alhamdulillah we arrived precisely when the band started to perform. We missed the two songs at the beginning (NOOOO!!!) but the rest was amazing!

My mom's brown scarf, Monster of Rock (on of my metal gigs) tees, black manset, purple hareem pants, black flat sandals, black backpack

inside Irene's car, trying to conquer Jakarta's traffic

with hubby at Bulungan's parking lot

with Irene at the parking lot

(left-right) Rinsdark, me, Vivi and Irene

At KFC Bulungan for COB's ticket claiming

My hubby :-*

Children of Bodom \m/

Me & Rins posing in the midst of the moshing pit

Me & Rins posing in the midst of the moshing pit

Overall, I think this band could perform better than last night. Some things bothered them I guess. It's either the weather, the services from the EO or they might have jetlag or something. I bet if the stage didn't change from Senayan to Bulungan, it could affect their performance to be better too. But that didn't matter, I still could feel a tiny orgasm seeing Alexi Laiho singing and strumming his guitar with his unique guitar position (he always puts his guitar on his thigh like below pic, lol)

Alexi Laiho

Alexi Laiho

This is how he put his guitar, kinda lazy asshole don't you think? :D

The concert ended up at 9 pm straight (from 7.30 pm). Before took off, we memorized all poses we could think of :D

Me with Irma

With all metalheads after the show

What pose is this? Doh! >___<

And a crazy thought came to me, I wanted to chase Laiho to his hotel (Ambara Hotel)!! And hell yeah we did! Hahaha... We felt like a crazy groupies but what the hell. So me, my hubby, Irene, Dipta and Irma went to Ambara hotel to have some pics of COB. But their manager was a pain in the ass! He didn't let us come in tot the bar (D'Barons) so we had to wait them out from the bar (drunk, prolly). But no, we didn't get the chance to take a pic with Laiho. But I did succeed in posing with their bassist, Henkka Seppälä. He was so damn sweet and friendly.

"Hey, today's my birthday. Could I take some pics with you?"
"Sure! Happy birthday, you"

Aaaaaakkkk! (macam abege lagi deh gue ini, hahahaha....! Bodo amaat. I was having a birthday! All is excusable for meeh :D)

After talking with COB's manager about his impoliteness and improper behavior towards COB's fans (There weren't just us who chased COB to the hotel. There were LOTS of other metalheads were doing so. metal sih metal... Groupies mah jalan terooos!). The manager felt surprised bout our protest, but before he could talk any further, we had walked away from the hotel... Feeling disappointed (Kalo kata Irma, "Sakiiiit hati gua, kek ditolak cowo!") LOL :D

D'Baronz, a cafe where COB hung out after the show

Me with Henkka Seppälä, COB's bassist

Hubby & Henkka Seppälä

We had a cup of coffee (and Slurpee for Irma and Irene) at Seven Eleven Blok M till 1 am and then went home. I and hubby arrived at 2 am. Feeling exhausted and relieved. When I saw my son slept, I told to myself "I am your craziest groupies, Rayyan".

Then I changed
And turned the light down
Lust and Death say g'nite... ^^

Lust and Death after the show


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