Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Teaser] GELAP & IWED GODDESS new song

Finally one new song of Gelap has been made. It's still 'under construction' so what I'm about to share you is just a teaser of the song. We decided to title the song "Till I Die". This song is written by me and arranged also by me along with Rinsdark and Angga. So this song is one of 5 new songs Gelap will make to be sold on iTunes along with Gelap's first remake album, Gerbang Timur.

Gelap - Gerbang Timur teaser

So here it is the teaser, you can see on my Youtube channel as well. Wait for the album yeah? \m/

PS: The video made by me. Please DO NOT COPY WITHOUT my permission.


Gelap & Iwed Goddess - 'Till I Die teaser

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