Monday, November 14, 2011

Productive weekend.

Renee, Rins and me at Angga's house after recording session.

Sorry for the mess, but that's us, lol

My outfit on Sunday --> Brown scarf (Shaakira boutique). Blue inner (Kareema Little Shop), grey ciput (Shaakira), Batik top (The Sisters), Green manset (unbranded), Black pants (hand-made), Green wedges (Bata)

I met my old friend after years! (Dina and her 6mo son)

With the happy bride and groom ^^


Being cancelled for three times, finally last Saturday I could go to Angga's place in Ciputat (sumpah bo, jauh beeeng! ga kebaca peta gue rasa mah) to have our first recording session. It was a looong journey, ladies and gents! I went out from my house in Kelapa Gading at 9 a.m and arrived at his house at 2.30 p.m! Dang! My make-up were all messy when I got there, lol.

All former Gelap's members were all there but Heri. I only got a chance to record one song but that's okay. It was turning dark outside and it's almost raining. So we decided to take off. I went home and Oewis rode me to Deptan TransJakarta stop, while Rins and Renee continued to have dinner at PoinSquare (Rins was being interviewed for Projek Mimpi's newest article). I landed home at 9.30 p.m. It was so damn tiring yet so productive as well :)

I hope our music project will go well and smooth. It's been a while since the last time I sing either on the stage or at the studio. I found a bit difficulties in bringing back the power of my voice. Needs more time *yailah secara... baru turun mesin begini* :D

The day after, my old friend (since elementary school) was getting married. We came late (selalu ya, Weeed... Kalo ngga telat ngga asik!) and lots of guests were gone by the time we arrived, hehehe... Happy wedding ya, Nuri. May God bless your new life yaa ^^


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