Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Perfect Fit

An unstable man suffering from horrific nightmares discovers that his terror has just begun when he meets the woman of his dreams in director Ron Brown's terrifying psychological thriller. When the sun sets and the moon spreads its cool blue glow across the peaceful nightscape, John Totersohn's mind takes him to deeply frightening places. Soon after a series of sessions with a skilled psychologist begins to calm John's restless visions, the haunted man successfully courts a woman named Sarah into a tentative relationship with a little help from his good looks and his boyish charm. Thrust into a world of rage and anger upon discovering that Sarah is pregnant with his child, John then attempts to pull himself together long enough to propose to Sarah and set his life straight. It's all too little too late, though, and after humiliating Sarah in front of her family and friends, degrading her sexually, and tightening his grip on her to the point of suffocation, Sarah soon reveals that she has aborted the baby and wishes to make a clean break from the relationship. The only thing that has broken, however, is John's mind. Now convinced that his doctor and former fiancée have joined forces in a conspiracy to drive him mad, John offers living proof that no matter how well you may thing that you know someone, you never truly understand them until their absolute worst comes boiling to the surface. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide [taken from www.moviefone.com]


It's been my weirdness to loving sick and twisted movie, LOLS. One of them is this movie: A Perfect Fit. The movie tells about a twisted boy named John who has a childhood trauma about his sexually abusive father that makes him scared to involved physically with anyone, even his own girlfriend. till one day he met this girl named Sarah. He tried so hard to make this relationship works with Sarah, and it finally did work out. He fell to Sarah and so dis her to him. But then the nightmare starts; Sarah's pregnant and John's possessive attitude even made everything worse. Sarah knows that something is wrong with him. One crazy scene is when John breaks through Sarah's room at night and harshly "do" Sarah, while her parents are in the next room! That was bloody insane! heheheh...
John also has a psychologist who always helps him get through his hard times if his trauma blows into surface again. But there are times when John crazily imagine that he killed his psychologist by cutting off her head [I can see the blood! Ow God that was sexy! hahaha...], and he himself get shocked by the fact that he often had that kind of sick imagination.
By the time Sarah asked him to leave coz of her getting even more afraid of his attitude, things got worse and out of hand. John's getting abusive to Sarah and his psychologist. He even tried to kill them both.
How it goin to be? Hehehe... watch this movie by urself then... ;)


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