Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Avowal of yours, for me it was just so deaden

Mystified colors were melted into my pure black eyes

I grounded deeply for knowing that I would remain myself forsaken

Watching some yellowish little fairies flying nicely around the stark pillars

Owning something invisible…

Is like having the unseen wings

Stumbled by a convoluted part that once ever been so simple

I didn’t see it, I didn’t realize it slowly nibbling


Oh merry merry…

Life for me is so cheesy at a time

Is so breezy at another time

Is so dreamy most of the time!

But when you’re now around

Life for me is so scary at a time

Is so horny at another time

Is so snazzy most of the time!

So let me have this cannot-be-owned

Get fantasized with this belly-ticking mind

Though I know this might be conversed

From before

And forever after…

Let my eyes fall down

And my mouth goes up

As long as my heart’s still being here

The one spot where it always standing



And needing…

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