Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beauty is natural

Dunno why but I’m in a very bad mood to put make-up when goin to work. It’a been 3 days since I let my face plain without any “bling-bling” at my face.

Many people got noticed in my you-look-so-pale face when they stare at my face,

“what’s with your eyes? Are u sick?” that would be the first question I get from them. Yeah, I do have these asian-slanted eyes I inherit from my mom. I just put some mascara in it and they say that actually I have a pair of beautiful eyes that I don’t have to hide them with my bold eye-liner, and that I look prettier like this.

And yeah, sometimes be natural is even more beautiful. I feel that too, and somehow recently I feel so comfy to let my face plain like this. Somehow I feel fresher than usual.

Beauty is natural… agree! For now, dunno bout tomorrow, though *giggle*

“We can see whether that woman has the real beauty or not by looking at her face straightly after she wakes up from her sleep” [a friend of mine]

You think?



rising dragon said...

"...The true beauty lies beneath oneself and its when the inner beauty shines, the true beauty of oneself shows..."

Coincidently, I've been trying to learn more about goth, it's music, it's culture and how it comes about. A good friend of mine introduced Gelap. Your music is refreshing..

I was more amazed to know that you are one of the band members. COOL..!!

Goddess said...

Hello Rising Dragon

Wheew, U found this page... among my other - more sightseeing - pages in Friendster or Multiply. First I wanna say "hello" to u ^__^

Can I know the name of ur kind bestfriend who had introduced u to my band? Say my huge thanks to him/her. Really appreciate it :) How do u think bout my music? It's a progressive gothic metal band, so it's not a hundred percent goth music :)

If u have Friendster page or Multiply [Multiply is higher recommended], u better add me and we can talk much bout Gothic and all its contents there, how bout that?

Till then, take care urself

rising dragon said...

Heyyahh Goddess,

Thnx for the add on Facebook. Yup, I've browsed thru ur friendster page and multiply too. Hehehe...very very interesting abt urself ;). Unfortunately, I've terminated my friendster and multiply accounts. (Too many sites to maintain...hahaha) but you can catch me on Facebook now. It's the IN thing..hiks!

Gelapsenja was introduced by my band gutarist, Voodooskullz. ( We only play music for leisure and anyway, I've already conveyed your message to him.

So far I've listened only 3 of your songs - Ashes, Beautiful Stranger and Nanakanisura. I think your music is supercool! I do admit it's a mixed of both progressive rock and goth. But sitll, its a different taste of music from other Indonesian pop bands that I've known. (eg. Radja, Dewa, Samsons, PeterPan etc..) and it's very refreshing to listen to your style of music.

Unlike other pop music, goth kind of genre is not getting much exposure here and so therefore, the understanding of it is very limited. (Not sure how's in Indonesia?) The mystery and purity that surrounds it juz fasinate me and has made me more curious. Not only the music, but the arts and it's community. That's the whole reason why I'm doing a mini research the other time to understand deeper abt goth culture.

Are you guys already in ReverbNation website? Since you are already on Facebook, why not introduce your wonderful music to the world. It's a good platform to spread the news since you guys will be releasing ur LP soon. You can upload ur songs and sell it in the market. It's a good marketing platform to start your fan base...and it's FREE!

Keep me update about your band and your good music. Indonesia has produced great music makers, I'm sure you guys will be next!

Send my regards to your other band members and do take care!

Let the darkness shines! Woot!

Goddess said...

Hello... :)

Right now we're still in progress of recording our first album that will be released around April 2008. We already add 5 more songs. Hope it goes well.. :)

Did u download the songs from my multipy? Actually it's the unedited version, sounds a bit harsh isn't it? hehehe...

About Gothic, yeah it's a very interesting object to learn about. I specially interested in the history of a community of rebel people in the middle century, and how can they be called "Goth" people ever since. The best info that u can get is from wikipedia [they know all, seems so, don't they? lol]

Hey, btw... what's ur name in Facebook? I kinda confuse to find u

Hope to talk w/ u again soon. c ya..

rising dragon said...

Dear Goddess,

Yup, songs in your multiply site are quite raw. But it's good enuff for promo. You can always edit them during post productions. I'm sure the quality will be much better after that.

Ryte, I've read abt gothic & goth culture at wikipedia. Infact, I've been searching for books abt goth too. It's soOOoo impossible to find in libraries.LOL. What my belief is, in music, we need to understand its origin, history and background before we could embrace the music. Just like a body (music) and a soul (culture).

My Facebook screen name is MohdZuraini Hamid (Australia Network). I'll leave a message in your inbox.

C ya there! =)

Goddess said...

Cool, I;m goin to open my Facebook just now :)