Thursday, November 15, 2007

Almost dead.

The water was obstructed the cold air surround her that it successfully witnessed the dreadful tragedy in that never-ending nebulous blackened night she went through. This astute beast spasmed on the cold floor like the most contemptible thing ever imagined, mourning for a second more of twisted hope to her Lord. In that very critical time, a series of vivid pictures took her back endways and slapped her the hardest that she tried to breathe even more powerful yet more painful than before. She wasn't ready yet, for knowing that she won't gain the best from the worst, or maybe she deserves not of it. She wasn't ready yet, for knowing that her chance has stopped ever since she yelled about something she did, while the fact is she didn't. And there’re neither exits nor unlocked doors to make her out from the ghosts of sin that have been haunting her for the past five-time evolutions, she plays dead till it comes closer to her, literally…

The air and the water finally compromised with her avaricious demand.

“I WANNA LIVE LONGER! Even if I have to stay a beast for the rest of my condemned fvckin life....!!”

Then they let her back to the veritably thing rotating in one spot in the middle of the unlimited space of mystery...

Written on Nov 6, 2007

..Almost dead..


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