Thursday, March 08, 2007

Owh Crap!!

Some crappy miscommunication happened between me, my boss and my boss-to-be. It's really got a pain in the ass!! I've been gotten by my boss-to-be twice (hope it won't happen anymore). I just get back from the meeting room to talk about this problem. Well, my recent boss doesn't know that I already been transfer to the Audit Department since yesterday (My boss-to-be didn't reconfirm to him). When my Boss looked at my empty desk, he was wondering where I might be. Knowing that I was at the Audit Dept, he was a bit shocked and anxious.

My bad too, that I didn't reconfirm him that I already moved to Audit Dept, because my boss-to-be said that he already asked for his permission to take me to his Dept yesterday - the fact was..he hadn't ask anybody's permission yet.

Uggh..this problem was really shrinking my mood !! I even haven't start to work at the Audit Dept yet, and this kinda shit has happened ! Somehow...I knew I wouldn't last more than a year in this Dept. Yeah, I'm a communication student, and working as the Auditor Secretary?

My bad - twice... Why should I accept the promotion??
Fool me..

- g -

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