Monday, January 07, 2013

[Writing] I pray for you.

Hey, how are you? I see you, just now. All looks good. You look happy with that smile upon you, embracing your little angel that once you considered as "something you would never belong to."

Hey, I know you. I do. You are the one that once had killed me, ripped me & stabbed me from all directions with the dirtiest lowest blackest lies one could imagine to say, and to write upon another.

Hey, I haven't say this to you. Until now, no glimpse of the past shadows have enlightened me of what I have done wrong to you. What have I done, Hey? What have these hands, legs, eyes, ears or this mouth, heart, nose & brain done to you that you felt you needed to spit shit all over me & left me in silent wrath?

Hey, do you remember me? The one that you judged with lame observations like a little girl hitting water balloon with eyes closed. You hit the wrong balloon. You hit the wrong girl. You hit the wrong ego. It was nothing but the beastest beast of me who had been rudely woken up by a troll heart of yours and all that you saw was more than you might expected. I was knitting my yarn of revenge in harmless silence and a glorious smile formed on these lips in which a princess won't be able to impersonate.

Hey, have you paid it? I know you have. You might have swallowed the prickles that burst out from a snow ball you created through that witching times of yours. They went down through you chest, fixing what's broken. Even if it was beyond time to repair. But you've changed by my vengeance. I see you now nowhere near a figure that was used to be yours; drop dead disgusting and empty.

Hey, I send pray for you... For all [good] things that you said won't happen to you, will happen. I pray for you... For all [bad] things you've said about me, won't be true.

I pray for you, that one day when you finally realize all shitty things you've said about me were never there and never be. I pray for you that you will pray for me.

Then all this riot remains something to laugh about, mostly about the stupid rivalry that never have to be existed. Now... Does that ring a bell to you? :)


Your fave enemy.

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