Monday, January 07, 2013

[Me time] The dark mistress

Hijab: From Mecca. Tees: Rancid tees Lace skirt: Rismakill. Stretch denim: A present. Accessories: Unbranded. Wedges: TLTSH
Salam 'alaikum!

Since I'm endorsing @ZirraaOlshop, like it or not, I have to match my dress with the hijabs she has sent to me. And as a Hijab Online Store, Zirraa offers so many cute bright colors as the pattern. Therefore, I almost have no time to dress like me. But fortunately at Friday - in which I always said it as my "Freeday!" - I am permitted to dress with anything I like as long as it's appropriate. That's why, when becoming a "dark mistress", I have to wait till Friday. But no worries, it's a sweet waiting anyway. I don't mind at all ;)

Happy Monday all. Barakallah ^^


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