Thursday, January 10, 2013

[Poem] Judge me.

Yo, wazzup?

I'm warming my feet up
Sitting around looking lout
I saw you walking in the crowd
Dreaming that someone's care enough to stalk

Don't bother to look or to stop
To just checking the stalker out
Don't hallucinate things you think you've got
You don't own what's ticking in the clock

The temperature has never been this drop
The warmth around here has been robbed
By a central-ego head jug
Yeah huh, one rotten heart-clot

Would love to see flowing blood
Run from up down and above
Neither a villain nor a thug
I'm just a girl holding a grudge

See, someone is stuck, clogged!
Who fakking cares with a judgmental brock?
Standing there like an untrue snob
Oops, am I being rude? I'm sorry... NOT!

Peace out.


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