Friday, January 04, 2013

[@Looxperiments] #LooxGiveaway & Makeup Challenge

Looxetes, apa yang spesial dari bulan Januari?

Tentunya semangat tahun baru. Dan ada satu lagi yang spesial, yaitu ulang tahun Looxperimentss. Yup, bulan Januari 2013 ini, kami berulang tahun yang kedua. Sudah dua tahun lho, Looxperimentss menjadi taman bermain, wadah berbagi dan tempat belajar tentang make up, fashion, dan hal-hal lain seputar itu.

Untuk ulang tahun Looxperimentss yang kedua ini, kami ingin berbagi kegembiraan bersama Looxetes. Kami mau bagi-bagi hadiah!!

Gimana nih cara dapetin hadiahnya? Gampang banget, caranya:

  • Copy paste posting pengumuman #LooxGiveaway ini di blog kalian masing-masing, dan sertakan link posting ini.
  • Letakkan banner dan URL ke link pengumuman #LooxGiveaway ini di side bar blog kalian:

  • Pada commenting system blog ini, tinggalkan link posting mengenai #Looxgiveaway yang kalian tulis di blog kalian, dan tinggalkan juga masukan, saran, kritik, atau apapun yang diperlukan untuk perbaikan blog kami. Masukan dari Looxetes sangat kami butuhkan, agar Looxperimentss tetap menjadi taman bermain yang menyenangkan bagi kita semua :).

#LooxGiveaway ini akan dibuka dari tanggal 3 Januari 2013 sampai dengan tanggal 27 Januari 2013 jam 12 malam.

Apaan nih hadiahnya?

MUA 24 Shade Immaculate Eyeshadow Palette, MUA 12 ShadeUndressed Palette, dan MUA Nail Quake Varnish masih dalam perjalanan.

Kami akan memilih 3 orang pemenang dengan saran dan kritik yang paling OK, dan masing-masing akan mendapatkan :

Pemenang Pertama akan mendapatkan:  
  • MUA 24 Shade Immaculate Eyeshadow Palette,
  • MUA Nail Quake Varnish, dan 
  • Kalung cantik dari Maniquwawa
Pemenang Kedua akan mendapatkan: 
  • Paket Kosmetik dari Revlon, dan 
  • Kalung cantik dari Maniquwawa
Pemenang Ketiga akan mendapatkan: 

Terus, kalau nggak punya blog gimana dong?

Jangan khawatir. Bagi yang nggak punya blog, kami tetep akan bagi-bagi hadiah. Akan ada Makeup Challenge yang seru banget dan penuh hadiah via Twitter pada tanggal 25 sampai tanggal 27 Januari ini.

Jangan sampai ketinggalan ya!

First of all, wanna greet a


Two years old, eh? If you're an infant I bet you're able to walk & run steadily now. And yes, I can see Looxperiments is now steadily grounding my heart (haiyaaaahh...). Always love love love all your posts. Always read them on my spare time at work and apply the tutorial if they're fitted the occasion I'm attending to.

But hey, compliments make appreciation and critics make introspection. All for the sake of self-improvement, right? So face the fact, I'm criticizing & giving suggestions for you now. Though I have to admit there're not much to criticize anyway, LOL.

Yeap. Here they are [Pum pududuum p'duuum!] :

1. Do more of tutorial video!
    Trust me. Practice makes perfect. To practice, "read the manual" is important. And I do believe, manual on visualization is better.

2. Spare some spot!
    I don't know if it's a common thing for a beauty blog to do, but I think your blog will gain positive reactions if you can spare some spot for just one day in a month for your followers to share their fave make up tools / cosmetics during that month. Some sort of "January Fave!" blog. Can be a writing or a Vlog. To choose that person each month [OST, bimonthly will do better], post the announcement a week before, tell them to share their writings / Vlogs about their fave make up via email and you be the judge to choose one. Anyway, just a thought ;)

3. Go-pro!
    Since Looxperiments is rising like rocket now entering its second birthday, gotta gain more and more attention from the make-up learners like me, eh? So I guess how lovely if all pictures posted in the blog can use some more pro [If not, semi-pro will do] photography tools [Like camera, lenses, tripod] or the editing software like Photoshop, Corel or Picasa and I do hope for some improvement in the lighting as well ^^
Though what's inside is most important, I can't deny that my first impression is formed from the visual that my eyes succeed catching.

and last but not least,

4. Keep it on the ground!
    It goes to the page design and layout. Keep the background page with neutral colors. Don't add too much "accessories" on the side bar excepts for some useful links bout make-up or maybe your Youtube channel [If one day you finally decide to make one]. It's a playground, yes... But please, let all those colors be painted in our faces, not your background page.

I guess that's that. Once again happy birthday Looxperiments! You've done a great job and I believe they're still many to come for us to learn more about this paint-on-face art thingy. Keep us playing with you. Luv ya! *smooches*



Selma Dwi Hapsari said...


Ka, aku join giveawaynya ya.
Link blog :

Aku suka banget sama blog kaka apalagi foto - fotonya. So inspire.

Ka, blognya dikasih post pictorial hijab dong, kan kalau tutorial di youtube udah biasa.


Iwed Goddess said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Wr., Wb.

Alhamdulillah, senang bisa menginspirasi muslimah lain ^^

Aduh untuk video tutorial aja aku cuma bikin kalo ada waktu tenggang doang sist, apalagi kalo tutorial pics? Hiks, ngga yakin deh nih ada waktunya apa ngga. Tapi sarannya ditampung sist. Thanks yaa ;)

Selma Dwi Hapsari said...

Sama - sama. Aku tunggu next hijab tutorialnya ya, ka.