Thursday, May 03, 2012

[Review] Elf brush, NYX eye pencil & NYX Lipstick

Salam 'alaikum! Okay now I'm gonna be a knowledgeably person. I'm gonna review some of my new cosmetic products that I just bought 2 days ago and they just arrived today [quite fast for an online shop]. Please note that this cosmetics & make up tool review is very subjective coz I assess the compatibility of these products on my skin [which is normal to dry].

So here they are:

1. Elf Eyeshadow C Brush
2. NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors. Color: Iris
3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. Color: Cottage Cheese


1. Elf Eyeshadow C Brush. ***
Costs for IDR 58.000, this is an anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush. It's best to make a smokey-eye look. That's why I bought it, because I luuuurve smokey eyes ^^ Had the first try this afternoon when retouching my make up. The brush is so soft and absorbing the eye shadow nicely. But IMHO, it's a bit too wide for my slanted eyes with small eyelids. Maybe it will be more suitable for me to use Elf Studio Contour Brush than this one. But don't call me Iwed if I can't overcome the situation, lol. With my so-so ability in make-up, I still could use this brush to make a smokey-eye look. This is the result :)

2. NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors. Color: Iris ***
I never thought that this lipstick will produce such a pale color :D When I first tried it in my skin, the color looked nice & light.

But when I applied it to my lip, it became so pale I was too shocked to even react properly, hahaha... Anyway, I still like the color, tho. Not the best color for my lips but I don't mind at all. Instead, I combined this lipstick with Lip Ice Pearl Pink Gloss. The result was satisfying enough. IMHO, for an IDR 48.000, this lipstick is worth trying. It best suits the summer time holiday or to go to a girls night out party. To go to work? Hmmm... Ocassionally maybe, depends on the outfit. ;)

3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. Color: Cottage Cheese ****
I've been eyeing this eye pencil for a long time. I had read several five-star reviews about this product and I was so curious ever since :D I like to apply bright eye liner on my water line to make my slanted eyes look wider. So this is a cottage cheese color. Another bright color of this product is Milk and Pots and Pans.

You have to be very careful when applying this pencil on your water line because the pencil tip is blunt and thick. If not careful, the eye pencil will go off the track and it won't be a good sign, lol. But no worries, this product is easy to remove. For an IDR 58.000, this product worths every penny!

Well, those are my new cosmetics. Now, I'm eyeing for other cosmetics which are a lip liner & blending brush, a pigment eyeshadow [color: gold] and a liquid foundation. Will let you know the products soon after I buy it ;)


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marie mariena said...

Beli oriflame ajh kk bleending brush n pondationnya heeheee