Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Daily Style] They come again.

Who doesn't like butterflies?

I don't.

Yes. I don't like this Lepidoptera creature. In fact, I feel pity to them. They have to face though and ugly phases before coming to the world as a beautiful butterfly. And when it happens, they can't live long enough to capture the feeling of being beautiful. Death awaits them in about two weeks after they transform to a big beautiful butterfly.

And so I memorize them in my 'head', so they can linger as the beauty... Long enough. As long as I want it to be :)


PS: The butterfly printed shawl is from Zirraa Muslimah Olshop


Radhiana said...

i do love butterfly... sepakat ma kak iwed *hobi ane sepakat ma kak iwed mlulu inihhh kagak kreatif yak -_-

Iwed Goddess said...

Radhiana: Ahahahaha, kalo kamu suka kupu2 berarti lagi ngga sepakat sama aku, karena aku ga gitu suka kupu2. Aku lebih suka capung :p