Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Black Swan in Cover - Looxperiments

Salam 'alaikum beautiful people!

Finally be able to make a post in here again after a while. Been soo hectic with my workload, but I spared some time to make this one because this entry is quite special for me...

What is up?

In short, my fave make-up blog Looxperiments is having a #looxgiveaway & make up contest based on their make up tutorial. In this case, all participants must do their make up from any of the tutorial Looxperiments have posted in their blog & simply put the make up result in our own blog. I am thrilled because the winner of this contest will be awarded by some yummy presents from products.

Interested in joining? Simply click this terms & conditions for further information, last submitted on May 21st, 2012.

I haven't had the chance to make the make up pic tutorial for this one, hopefully will if I have some spare time. But I wanna share you my make up kit for this theme:

1. Apply this moisturizer > Pond's white beauty pinkish white glow

2. Apply Pixy two-way cake powder, color: natural white

3. Draw the eyes like wings with Mac paint pot creamy eyeshadow, color: black

4. Draw 7 fill the eyes using this brush >> e.l.f eyeshadow C brush

5. Apply NYX cream shadow, color: silver to create wing-effect

6. Apply the silver creamy eye shadow with this brush >> e.l.f studio angled contour brush

7. Apply Bourjois Smoke Eyes Trio to create shadows in the nassal bones & cheek bones using the silver eyeshadow

8. Apply the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania, Color: Nude to shimmer the nose, cheeks, chin & forehead

9. For No. 7 & 8 using this brush >> e.l.f angled foundation brush

10. Apply the Burt's Bees medicated lip blam with clove oil

11. Create the lip line using e.l.f lip liner & blending brush

12. Lastly, apply the Mac lipstick, color: darkside
So here they are my version. "The Black Swan in Cover...", enjoy :)

Accessories by Forever 21 & The Little Things She Needs

Pashmina by Zirraa Muslimah Olshop


C'mon, join the contest & explore yourself out! Anyway, wish me luck yaaah! *crossing fingers*.



Fenty Fahminnansih said...

foto yang pertama ajiibb :D

My Lovely Sister said...

waw keren-keren semua^^

Iwed Goddess said...

@Fenty: Thanks deary ^^

Iwed Goddess said...

@My Lovely Sister: Makasih sist ^^

Anonymous said...


Iwed Goddess said...

Untung masih "kaya" ya? Jangan sampe beneran deh, hehehehe... Eniwey makasih komennya ^^

Radhiana said...

kak iwed, itu butuh brapa lama make up nya? :D

Iwed Goddess said...

Radhiana: Kurang lebih 40menitan sist :p

Miftach Arifatony said...

duuhh.. kereeen bgt siiih...

Iwed Goddess said...

@Miftach: Alhamdulillaah, thanks for the comment dear ^^