Tuesday, May 08, 2012

[Daily style] Butterfly inside my tummy

Salam 'alaikum all! How was your weekend? I and family went to my mom-in-law's house at Kranji Bekasi. My son misses his cousins so much :p It was a qualified weekend, and I hope you had one too ^^

I just got another delivery from Zirraa Muslimah Olshop. From five shawls they gave me, I was so in love with the butterfly-printef shawl. It was sooo cute! Take e look ^^

Still has 3 more pashminas I haven't shared the pics yet. Wait up, yea? ;)


#nowplaying Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory album [2000]

Two-tone shawl by Zirraa

Butterfly printed shawl by Zirraa

Si gigi kelinci :P


eZmALiZa said...

hello sis Iwed.. i really love your outfit :)

by the way, u have a very nice of smile and teeth :) thank God. :)

yantiagus88 said...

cantik banget mbak iwed.. I like it ;)

Iwed Goddess said...

@Ezmaliza: Alhamdulillah... Thanks a lot sist. May Allah SWT bless you always ^^

@Yantiagus88: Alhamdulillah thank you sister...

Hijabi with Style said...

the hijab is nice! :) following your blog now :)

Iwed Goddess said...

@Hijabi WuitWith Style: Alhamdulillah... Thank you ^^