Wednesday, October 18, 2006


1. There're dozen jobs to do at my office and I haven't done all of them

2. I have lots of mid test papers to be done by tomorrow and the day after, and I haven't done - even one of them - yet

3. I'm now facing mid test, one full week. It will be finished 2 days before Idul Fitri, I won't go to my hometown - West Sumatra - to meet all my relatives whom I miss so much

4. I need a joyous sleep in the weekend when i get home. But i can't, coz I have to help my mom handling the house-care and cook for them

5. My insomnia is getting worse each and every day, something you won't expect when all you need is a tight-endless sleep

But somehow..I feel peaceful deep inside my heart - with all my crappy problems. I don't even know why and what is it...this feeling. Is it a true sincere feeling to receive all Allah's ordeals? Is it the rock-hearted of mine which discreetly come out? Or maybe it's just my struggle to be more patient during Ramadhan?

Is it a peaceful feeling? Or numbness? Feel-less? a sincerity..or it's just me going crazy??

- Goddess *in blue* -

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