Monday, October 08, 2012

[Poem] Flee!

Where should we go, my hobbled footsteps?
Her last trace has been erased by my my rain of tears
In silent whispers I called her
Wishing that she could hear it, or anyone else who could
And send it to her

Where should I look, my puffy eyes?
Her last silhouette has gone along with the miserable dawn
In the darkest hour I swore
I would never fall down and never leave her behind
Because she and I were meant to be

Why should I breathe, my creaking lung?
Our time might have been stopped long time ago
I've drawn transparent lines in between these paths
I can't hold her arms while we're stepping in different ground

While I'm breathing without her...

I said hello to her world last night
Was she there?
I cried my blood through all the holes last night
Was she stare?
I missed her so much it ached me to my weakest
Was she care?

People are living for their own reason
And so am I, and so was she
By that matter I beg You
Knees down
Hands up

If only, You allow me...
Without any wing on me, without any circle mark above me
Let me see her glaring face smile upon me
O' Lord... Let me touch her pale flawless skin
Without any thick transparent lines in between

Let me FLy frEE. Let me FLEE!

If only, Mummy...


PS: For my beloved Mum. You're in the best hand now, I do believe. Just don't mad at me for being such an annoying daughter who cries while yelling at her mommy for a shoulder to cry on. Because really mom, I was, am and will always be your little girl. Forever...


Badia Miftahul Hasanah said...

Really nice picture & poem. This poem being reflection for me who still have parents, so not to waste the time that remains. thanks for remind me :').

Iwed Goddess said...

Bless those who still have both parents alive. Really, you'll never know how much you love & need them before they're gone. Thank you back, Badia :)