Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Looxtag] Fashion & Beauty Products I Avoid

Salam 'alaikum ladies,

I just read Looxperiment blogspot & found out about this fun looxtag about fashion & beauty products I avoid. Well, allow me to share about any fashion & beauty products that I prolly won't even touch it for the rest of my life. Or maybe, I will occasionally [heheh...]

Here they are:

1. Contact lens

Don't get me wrong. I have loved wearing contact lenses since forever. But - like most people might have the same bad experience - these things gave bad effect on my eyes. I dunno prolly because I am not so tidy as a person or maybe because I degraded my eyes by buying the contact lenses that were below standard. Well, in short, these things got my eyes irritated. I don't wanna play when it comes to an eye. I'd better play safe & just wear glasses.

2. Bright-colored floral pattern pashmina / scarves

I am a girl who likes bold colors rather than dusty / baby / sweet colors. So these kinds of pattern are definitely out of my list. I feel like an overexposed granny in the downtown if I wear any bright-colored floral pattern pashmina. No offense ya floral-pattern lovers, but that's just my opinion :D

3. Latex jacket / leggings

I have mom arms & even more mom [if that's even a word] thighs. No further explanation.

4. Any beige-colored foundation & two-way cake

For the love of the God, don't ever force me to apply anything beige on my face, like... EVER! That color is the weirdest color I've ever seen people put on their faces. I put a beige foundation on my face once long time ago when I was still a makeup newbie. The result? I felt like someone has thrown mud on my face or I have had plastic surgery for several times. No lebay, that was what I feel at that time. So no more beige, thank you.

5. Chocolate eyebrow pencil

My colleague friend did a make over to my face yesterday. She asked whether I wanna brush my eyebrows with brown / black eyebrow pencil. I never applied brown eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows. I was being curious yesterday so I chose brown pencil. So this is the result

The make up? LOVE! The eyebrows? BLAH!

Really, I felt so not confident with brown eyebrows. I am an Asian girl, not the descendant of the Aryans. You know, white skin, blue eyes, blonde / brunette hair. And I never intended to look like one :p Really, black eyebrow pencil is enough for me, thank you

Gini aja deh yaa alis guee :p

6. Long nails

Aaaaakkk!! No no no... Not these nails [ampun maleeeh!]

 Nah, ini maksud gue [hadeeeh...] 

No. It's not that I don't like nail art. I love it. In fact, I often got my nails done with cute nail art only without the long nails. As you might have known that I am a mother of an active super fun son named Rayyan. Unless I am willing to see my son is emotionally closer to his nanny than to me, I might let him playing with his nanny all day long just to keep my nails perfect. But no, heck no! I'd rather have short clean pinkish nails than the vice versa. I love my son & all motherhood duties that require short tidy nails :)

And the last but not least,

7. Net cardigans

Bless my weird taste over fashion. Most women would die to have this cardigans, just perhaps. But I would die to rip 'em & burn them to ashes. I say you might wanna try two-piece bikini rather than this crap. And yes please, no need to remind me of Agnes Monica & Trio Macan.


Well, those stuffs are things that I avoid wearing & applying, at least those are what I could think of for now. Might be some more but I keep thinking about delicious ta'jil I will have in couple minutes now rather than thinking of fashion / beauty products, hehehe...

Enjoy reading & please do not take any of this seriously, because it comes from me, my personal taste :P



Fenty Fahminnansih said...

juga gak suka sama pakaian yang ber net2 gitu, berasa dijaring deh ~.~"

Iwed Goddess said...

Sayang uangnya, mending buat beli jilbab / pashmina :p

Anonymous said...

hemm..seksi banget orangnya...padet..hehhe

Iwed Goddess said...

@ Anonymous: First. I never like any anonymous comment / person. Secondly, I don't know who's the person you're talkin about :)