Friday, October 14, 2011

[Repost] Gede mountain expedition 2004.

I'm re-posting my Multiply entry about my experience in hiking Mount Gede in 2004. I was still in the second year of college. It was FUN, a blasting fun! I have been in love to the nature for forever and that year I finally could realize my dream to go hiking and reach the peak. Yes I did :)

It was 8 of us; 3 girls and 5 boys. We hiked from Cibodas track (I swear 'tanjakan setan' was the best track ever!) and we went down the mountain through Gunung Putri track. To go up we need almost a day. To go down? Only 3 hours (We ran like bunch of cheetahs! lol)

At the top of the mountain, I was praying Subuh and suddenly I cried. Hiking helps me realize how small I am in ALLAH's eyes. How beautiful HIS creation is it made me fall in love to the nature more and more.

I love hiking, and I kinda miss doing that now :( I hope someday I could do it again, before 30. Aamiin :)

Enjoy the scanned pics, unedited. We didn't have digicam back then so pardon for the grains and blurry effect.


Us, looking at the sunrise in Gunung Putri


Morning breakfast at Suryakencana, Gede Peak

Strike a pose first before continuing to the top ;)

This is the 2-side corners. If we go to the left, it will lead us to Gede, and right leads to Pangrango :)

After having breakfast at Surken

The crater

Iwed & Sisca at "Mata Air Panas" in the middle of the mountain

Iwed after succeeding in climbing the 'tanjakan setan'. Awesome hill!!

Aki, Ate & Dony

The crater again

Us resting in the edge of the hill. Subhanallah, I could see such an amazing city view from here

Iwed & Sisca resting at Mata Air Panas

Just started the hiking (still in Cibodas)

Mata Air Panas


The crater

Resting a bit before continuing to go down from the peak (Gunung Putri)

Pleasure of my company during this adventurous action >> coki-coki!! :D

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