Monday, October 24, 2011

Fresher than UC1000

Last Thursday I tried to wear bright color outfit to work. It's orange! Yes. Orange :D
It turned out quite scandalizing. Many guys at work felt surprised for this outfit - in positive way of course. I thought they maybe were bored with my all-black outfit everyday.

It turned out surprisingly good as well in my opinion. Never thought orange would bring out positive aura to my mood that day, lol.

So, did I look fresher than UC1000 already? :D



Ivan Sulaiman said...

hei! i do love your orange outfit! its awesome. but you're not covered your aurat properly. i hope you realize that.

arigato, love reading your blog and your hijab tutorial :)


Goddess said...

Halo, salam :)

Thanks for the comment. Inshallah I will dress more properly with this hijab. Still lots of things to learn :)

Thank you for dropping by ^^