Friday, October 14, 2011

[Repost] Ceremai Mountain Adventure!!

This is also the re-post of my Multiply entry. Ceremai hiking is the most thrilling experience for us. First, it was just the four of us. 3 of us are amateur climbers, only Dony who's the expert. Secondly, we chose the longest track which is Palutungan, Kuningan. With consideration that there are girls in the team and Sisca has asthma. If we went through Linggarjati track, I don't think we would be able to do it. The track is too steep.

Anyway, regarding that Palutungan track is often the least track people would pick to go uphill, so we only met very few climbers here. I mean really... Very few! If in Gede mountain you will meet people every five minutes in your way, but in here human is rare, and so does water, *sighs*

We have to bring our own water stock. It's twice even third times harder to climb this mountain than in Gede mountain. We were lost in the woods which turned out it was used to be a river, and now the river was already dry. The river stones there are extremely huge and we started to afraid to meet the wild boar. So we got back to the first track. We had lost for more than 4 hours without moving any forward. Right before we thought to go back to the vilage, Dony came up with a brilliant idea,

"Find the road which has lots of trashes. By that we can know if people ever went through that way!". So we started to find the trash (this time, we thank you guys who like to throw the trashes all over the place, lol) and Alhamdulillah we could find the right road and continued our adventurous trip.

The first night at the mountain was not the best night. First, we ran out of fresh water. Then we broke down our tent. Then we forgot to clean up our dinner so the remaining food had provoked a wild boar and a wild weasel to visit our tent (O my God I still can recall the sound of that wild boar sniffing our tent!). It was... well, stupid! hahaha... Thank God the wild boar didn't do any harmful thing to us.

Right before our fresh water has gone, we met some climbers on their way down to the village, and Alhamdulillah they still had some fresh water stock so they gave all of their stock to us, "It's so dry in here. You won't get any fresh water anymore except on the 8th post; Goa Wallet. Stay safe and close!" said one of the climbers. (makasih ya mas, bae banget! Gw udah hampir mati kekeringan disanaa!).

At forever last, finally we made up to Goa Wallet. We built our tent there and started to collect water from the stalactite of the cave. The wind up there was so freezing and dry at the same time. Not the kind of wind that's friendly to our healthiness. So we decided to stayed over the night there, inside the cave. It was spooky and fun at the same time. I loooove it ^^

We went down to the village on the third day, we ran so fast and arrived at the village after 5 -6 hours of running. Just got 1 bottle of water left for the four of us, so we had to be in the river before night. Alhamdulillah we could arrive at the village around 4 pm and went back to our friend's house to rest. I got a present from that mountain; a pair of super sore legs and arms. Nice! :p

Do enjoy the pic, peeps! Happy Friday ^^


At Palutungan post, Kuningan. Ready to conquer Ceremai mountain

Ate at Goa Wallet

Dony at the peak of the mountain

Dony & Ate at Cigowong river

Cigowong river

Subhanallah... Look at this amazing view from the peak

Iwed strikes a pose in front of Goa Wallet ^^

Us waiting to be picked up by our friends after 6 hours running down the mountain. We are the 'gembel-gunung-masuk-peradaban' lol.

Me say, "I'm gonna reach the skyy!!"

Me at the peak. It's fucking freezing up here!

Dony, Sisca & Ate after packing up the tent and ready to go down the mountain

Dony & Ate at Cigowong river

My adventurous fellas! Mwaks!

The climburgers :D

The team (proud of us guys!)

Ate & Iwed clean up the dirty feet :p

Us watching a hawk flying around its cage

The Goa Wallet


Like his pic here. Kudos!

Ate & Dony

Sunset from the peak. Allahu Akbar :)

We're baack! *Cigowong river*

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