Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just whatever.

Fasting month is coming in a few days ahead, but I already got a pretty deal of trial from God. It’s about this website that one of my friends gave to me on the Messanger. I already felt interested just by reading the link-name, soon as I opened the site, I knew I was right. This site is the Moslem-hater site, they’re not Christian, or Jewish or I don’t know who they are [not that important, sorry]. Whoever they are, they’re discrediting Islam in a very well-thought of sorta way! They are bunch of GODDAMN smarty-pants! I bet they did some deep research and brainstorming of the Holy Qur’an first before making this amazing site. And really, I have to admit that this site is so fucking teasing! And I won’t recommend you to click your computer mouse to the link if you don’t prepare enough to read it [esp. for my Muslim buddies here]

I know there are lots of other similar sites like this, I just never interested in finding them [it’s just gonna piss me off, so I’d better put my distance on it], until my friend gave the link. After I opened, I said to him


MC: hati hati blog ini--->musuh Islam nyata--->>

G: Thx for sharing bro, really great site, indeed

G: mereka sebenernya orang2 smart

G: sayangnya tidak begitu smart naro otaknya dimana

G: jadi dibaca aja untuk fun

MC: yups

G: i have lots of FUN reading them

MC: masi banyak lg seh,, web/blog semacem itu

G: iya

MC: yea

G: kalo diliat smua ngga ada habisnya

MC: iya,, bikin kesel aj,,,

MC: share ke yg laen yah

G: hahahaha... ngga tau deh

G: terlalu malay

G: sebenernya itu tujuan mereka

G: muslim kesel, muslim share

G: smua muslim jadi baca itu

G: dan ada aja yg pegangannya goyah, bisa bahaya

G: like i said, they're smart people

G: whoever made this site

MC: yups

G: beneran, kalo hati ngga kukuh sm islam

G: baca itu bisa goyah loh

G: they make the site really great!

G: ngga mengatasnamakan agama2 lain

MC: <+++ ini yg lebih

G: menomorsatukan freedom, hak mengambil keputusan

G: itu sbnrnya yg dicari2 orang, kebebasan kan?

MC: kebebasan yg tak terbatas

G: itu dia

MC: lupa pembatas nilai moral

G: makanya, propaganda gila2an ini situs

MC: yups

G: bahaya lho sebenernya klo di share ke orang banyak

MC: tp pemerintah ko diem yah

G: makanya gw males, akan lebih aman kalo situs kaya gini di abandon

MC: mikirin aja web myspace, youtube,,,

MC: giliran yg kyak gini diem aj


Well, will do find heavier trial like this in the fasting month, I just have to be prepared. Set my heart, clean my thought, wash my dirty mind [yeah yeah, that’s right! Hahaha]. But anyway, happy fasting friends! Hope this sacred month could re-born ourselves, each in a unique way, until we reach the Glory in the end of the month.


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